Fascination with Gentoo Linux

by Pradeep Prabakar

So for quite some time, I have been obsessed with trying the understand the marvel that is Linux. I had used Ubuntu for quite some time and had decided to wet my hands at some other Linux Distros. I had been reading about Gentoo and am I must say I was pretty impressed 🙂

For example, setting up Ubuntu is not that challenging. Any monkey with a laptop can easily set it up cause its installation is pretty user friendly. Somehow I wanted to use a distro whose kernel could be customized according to a system’s specific needs and which exposed me to the inner workings of Linux. Hence, I have arrived at Gentoo 🙂

Setting up gentoo should be a pretty fun exercise. It would be a nice chance for me to compile the gentoo kernel specific to my system’s hardware requirements. Also, the package management system Portage in Gentoo is python based and is pretty awesome. So let me try this exercise and blog about my experience in my next post.